How a bookshop increased their online visibility within their opening month

Surrounded by magnificent countryside and moorland, The Ivybridge Bookshop is a recent addition to this bustling Devonshire town. With over 20 years experience working in bookshops in Hong Kong, Matt Steele decided that it was finally time to live out his bookseller dreams and return to Devon to open his own bookshop. On April 12th 2021, the dream turned into reality and The Ivybridge Bookshop opened its doors for the first time. 

How Planters Garden Centre boosted sales whilst saving thousands on their advertising costs

Planters Garden Centre in Tamworth is a family-owned and run business who have been trading for over 30 years. They started off selling Christmas trees out of the back of a cart and after opening a small traditional garden centre they have continued to grow bigger and bigger each year, now offering over 15 thousand product lines. Along with their abundance of garden products and plants, clothes and homeware products they now house a 300+ seat restaurant, a play area, mini-golf, and a pet parlour!

How to drive online shoppers back to your shop this April

Shops using NearSt are perfectly placed to benefit from the inevitable surge of shoppers as all of retail opens up across the UK. 

After previous lockdowns, we saw that the growth in online shopping brought by the pandemic also brought a substantial rise in local product searches, with a 
3x increase in shoppers going online to check in-store availability.

With more shoppers taking to the high street, now is the a perfect time for retailers to get in front of this online-first audience and let them know they have the products they're looking for. 

We've put together five ways shops on NearSt can drive more online customers to their shop this April. 

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How Parkview Retail’s two Co-op Welcome stores reached 138,847 local shoppers in just 4 weeks of lockdown

Parkview Retail are the proud owner of three Co-op Welcome convenience stores situated in Southampton’s city centre. Their stores have been serving the local community and its visitors for 20 years, selling a wide selection of low cost, quality everyday products. Having won multiple convenience retail awards such as ‘Best use of technology’, they’re always keen to be at the forefront of new tech and find ways they can best serve their customers.