How a hardware shop in Preston showed their in-stock products to shoppers searching for them nearby

Gardners Mica Hardware is a DIY, Garden and Hardware shop, situated in Preston. They have been in business for 24 years and stock thousands of products, offering a wide variety of choices for all their customer’s home and garden wants and needs. 


The Challenge

“We are a small shop and we sell a range of products but only small quantities of each”
- David Hodkinson, Gardners Mica Hardware

With the shop having such a vast amount of items on offer, but small quantities of each,  David and his team were looking for an easy way to let customers know what was in stock. Especially since customers were only allowed in one at a time, they knew they would want to be certain they could get an item before leaving the house.


The Solution

“I didn’t realise that there was anything like NearSt”- David Hodkinson, Gardners Mica Hardware

After hearing about NearSt through their Point-of-Sale provider RBA, David and his team decided to give it a try. They connected their RBA system to NearSt, enabling them to send their live inventory to Google. Now customers will discover Gardners Mica’s in-stock products at the top of Google when searching for them locally. Moreover, their customers can now browse their shelves directly from their See what’s in store feature, located in their Google My Business listing.

The Results

“I wish I'd known about NearSt years ago! People often come in and say that they have seen our products on Google. We’re also receiving more interest through emails” - David Hodkinson, Gardners Mica Hardware

Gardners Mica are thrilled with the reaction from local shoppers. In the last 30 days, almost 44,000 customers have spotted products in Google from Gardners Mica, bringing an increased footfall of 80 estimated customers! 

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