How a leading footwear retailer uses NearSt to showcase their in store products to local shoppers in Google

Elevate Your Sole is a family run, chain of footwear stores, residing in North Wales. They’ve been a staple in the community since 2013 and pride themselves on being a modern, progressive retailer with a loyal following of customers who are driven to the shop through ‘inspiration, discovery and trust’.

The Challenge: 

Elevate Your Sole’s products are high in-demand during specific seasons of the year, with June to August being particularly important for the team.  Hal and the team at Elevate Your Sole were looking for a way to reach shoppers searching for their high in-demand products during their busy period and to help them drive  shoppers in-store outside of these particularly busy months. 

The Solution:

There was virtually no work on our side, simply providing our email address to sign up, the process was so simple!” - Hal, Elevate Your Sole owner

Hal heard about NearSt through their Vend Point-Of-Sale provider and signed up to NearSt in just a few seconds. Now, Elevate Your Sole seamlessly feeds their in-store inventory into Google, showing their products at the top of Google to shoppers searching for them nearby, along with details to drive them in-store. The ease of signing up and getting started, allowed Elevate Your Sole to bring on all three shops with no extra effort from them!

The Results:

‘The integration between Vend & NearSt has been exceptional. We have a fully synchronised stock management system; where everything is available to everyone; everywhere, all the time.’

Elevate Your Sole are delighted that shoppers have been asking for products they’ve found in Google, and since enabling NearSt’s ‘Reserve a Product’ feature, many shoppers have been requesting to reserve their products online to collect in store. 

The Tech Team at NearSt is really impressive and the support we continue to receive is exceptional…[they] implement suggested changes almost instantly” - Hal, Elevate Your Sole owner

Elevate Your Sole are paying between just £2-£5 per day to show their products at the top of Google and in just 4 weeks their products were discovered 38, 324 times to shoppers searching nearby with 414 shoppers clicking on the product to find details to come into store.

Check out Elevate Your Sole’s Inventory in Google in their Google See What's In Store here.

If you’d like to see how NearSt could help you connect your products to customers with no extra work, drop us a note on or give us a ring on 0333 050 9658.

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