How a Gift Shop promoted their products to locals searching nearby

Daisy Cheynes is a destination shop for gifts, homeware and personal accessories based in the heart of Edinburgh. The team sources their products from some of the most creative designers in Scotland and actively seek out items that are both modern and one-of-a-kind.

The shop uses Vend’s cloud-based ePOS system, which connects to NearSt via a 1-click integration to list Daisy Cheynes’ products directly in Google local search results.

By joining NearSt the team at Daisy Cheynes enabled customers searching near the store to easily see live availability and product information for the incredible range curated on their shelves. Customers can see if the item they want is in stock, making the decision to visit the shop an easy one.


In their first four weeks using NearSt, the 2,200 products on their shelves were seen 23,860 times by local Edinburgh shoppers searching for their products in Google. 222 of these customers engaged with the ads to find out more about the products and shop. We know from Google data that around 1 in 7 of these customers who engaged with the shop will visit within a day — meaning Daisy Cheynes saw around 28 brand new customers coming through their doors.

What the team had to say

“NearSt is an amazing concept. By having our products at the very top of the Google search results, people can see what they want is in our shop, so can visit and buy — an instant gratification that even Amazon can’t deliver!”
Karen, Owner

In addition to promoting her products locally, Karen also gained valuable insight into what nearby shoppers were searching for using NearSt’s reporting tools, helping her continually improve the curated set of products she stocks that customers nearby truly want.

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