How a Fashion shop in the US showed their in-store products to shoppers searching for them nearby in Google

THREAD is an independent fashion shop based in Columbus, United States.  The owner Miranda Boyle opened the shop in 2012, having always had love for fashion. Now, not only is THREAD the place to go to browse big and up-and-coming designers, their large glass doors, outside patio and relaxed environment make it the perfect place to unwind and socialise - coffee and wine available on them! 


“To deliver a Remarkable Experience by being a presence in the community, through the shared love of and mutual interest in fashion, all while remaining accessible and inviting.” - THREAD’s mission 

With THREAD dedicated to providing an inviting and brilliant in-store experience for shoppers, they’re confident once people are in-store they’ll want to come back!  Miranda and the team were looking for an easy, non-fuss way to reach new customers in their local community and drive them in-store. 

The Solution 

After finding NearSt online, THREAD signed up and connected their Shopify in-store inventory in just a few clicks. NearSt now feeds their products into Google in real-time, showing their products to shoppers searching nearby across Google, along with the details they need to come into the store. 


With NearSt helping shoppers in the local community see what’s in-store, with no additional effort needed from the THREAD team, they can focus their time on their customers and continue to provide a top notch experience. 

The THREAD team are looking to enable Local Inventory Ads during their busier periods to reach even more local shoppers! 


If you’d like to see how NearSt could help you connect your products to customers for no extra work, drop us a note on or give us a call on 020 3870 3617.

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