How a bookshop in sunny Cornwall used NearSt to deliver accurate and reliable stock to their customers

Situated by the glorious Cornish harbour, Padstow Bookseller is a small local chain that has been in business since 2016. They offer a vast array of literature as well as stationery, travel maps and guide books. The team are well versed in providing excellent customer service and their use of NearSt has perfected the reliability with their stock.

The Challenge

“The biggest challenge for us was providing a reliable service and to get more people knowing about us. Bookshops can take up to 5 years to build a strong rapport with local customers.” - Daniel, Padstow Bookseller

As a relatively new bookshop, owner Daniel and his team wanted to increase their visibility to a local customer base. Stock accuracy was also integral for Padstow Booksellers to provide the best experience for their customers and so they were looking for an opportunity to display reliable stock listings to local shoppers in the surrounding area.

The Solution

“The integration between NearSt and our Batchline POS system is seamless” - Daniel


Daniel had been looking for something to increase his footfall for about 6 months before the the Booksellers Association recommended NearSt. He saw how easy it was to connect his Batchline system to NearSt and his products to instantly appear in front of customers searching nearby in Google. 

The Results

“I would say that before NearSt, I was about 80% sure of the products that we had in stock. I am now 100% sure and it’s great to see customers coming in with products in mind that they would like to buy” - Daniel

Shortly after signing up with NearSt, the Padstow team were able to see the impact of NearSt, with new customers arriving into the shop and quoting products that they had seen on Google. David and the team continue to use local inventory ads to keep their local customers informed of their stock.

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