DIY Shop attracts footfall from a young audience through Google

Over a four week period, we ran Local Inventory Ads for Ilminster Home Hardware in Somerset, actively promoting their products to local shoppers searching nearby, see the results below!

The Results

Philip and Kirsty decided to join NearSt to get their products online, automatically without any additional work from the team running the shop. All they had to do was download the NearSt connector and their full inventory was available in Google in a matter of days.

In four weeks, we saw that Ilminster Home Hardware had 11,805 views of their products in Google searches. These views led to 229 clicks on their products directly. From this, we estimated that we brought 30 new customers into the shop.

Interestingly, the shop team found that it was the rarer items that brought customers into the shop, leading to a sale of products they might not have otherwise sold.

What the shop had to say

We had younger people coming into the shop asking for things that were on the back shelf! They were overjoyed they found what they were looking for. NearSt is getting new customers in which is what we want.
Phillip, Owner

What's Next

Ilminster Home Hardware will now use NearSt as a tool to show customers exactly what they have on their shelves since it takes all of the legwork of getting their products online. Since their trial they have opted to continue running Local Inventory Ads for an affordable daily budget of £3.

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