How uploading your inventory helps you be found in Google

Getting your products into Google has a lot of advantages. Not only will it enable the See What’s In Store widget, which will allow shoppers to look through your real-time inventory, but it will also help you reach new customers in many other places at no extra cost.

Boosting your position in Maps

By telling Google about the products you sell, it’s easier to appear higher in the search results when people search for specific products or categories in Google Maps.

Getting a boost in Google Maps

Where before your store might have only shown in search results when people search exactly for your store name or the category of products you sell, Google will now start showing your location higher in the search results for related terminology or specific searches (‘dance shoes’ for a shoe store, ‘wine’ for an off-license, ‘stapler’ for a DIY store).

From Maps, people will be able to click through directly to your full inventory, and continue their search for the product they’re looking for.

Voice assistant magic

Voice search users increasingly look for local results. Forbes data shows that at least 58% of people that own a voice assistant device have used it in the past year to find information about a local business.

By uploading your products to Google, you will automatically show up in product and business searches when shoppers use Google Assistant on their phones or ask their Google Home devices about products.

Voice assistant magic

This feature is already available in the US, and will be available in the UK later in 2021.

Organic images and shopping search

And that’s not all! Your products will also show up for product-related image searches, within Google’s Shopping tab using the ‘Nearby’ feature, and many other places. 

These Free Local Listings allow you to reach people no matter how they search.

Free local listings in Google Images and Shopping


Just a few clicks away

As a retailer, uploading your inventory to Google and keeping it up to date might sound like a daunting and extremely time-consuming task. 

NearSt makes it as easy as a few clicks to hook up directly to your in-store point of sale system (POS system) and automatically show your stock in real-time in Google, Facebook and other online places. No data entry or management needed.

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