Winter 2023 Product Update

As we head towards the end of the year, we wanted to update you about all the hard work our Product & Engineering team has been doing this season. With new features for both chains and individual retailers, we’re very excited to see how we can help shoppers find the products they are looking for locally!

Fix feed issues with ease

In addition to making it easier to upload product data, we now allow you to see at a glance which products have issues preventing them from being shown online.

You can see an overview of the feed issues in the new ‘Feed Diagnostics’ card, which will also allow you to download a list of affected products.

With our new bulk product upload functionality (in the Actions menu!), you can easily fix them all at once with new data from a spreadsheet.

Feed Diagnostics-1

Navigate your stores with ease

We’ve updated your MyShop dashboard to make it easier to navigate between stores in larger chains. You can now search for the specific location you’re looking for, rather than having to scroll through a long list!

Chain Navigation

In addition, we’ve made it easier to see your inventory status across all locations, and allow you to spot issues with individual locations easily.

We have some exciting new features in the works as well to compare the performance of your locations, and to dive deeper into insights across all your stores. These will be released gradually over the next few months.

Supplement your inventory with your own product data

NearSt makes it very easy to get started showing your products online by sourcing images, titles, descriptions and more automatically, so your team doesn’t need to spend hours gathering this data.

Whilst we always allowed editing this product data on a per-product basis, or switching to sourcing product data from your POS, it is finally possible to combine these two! NearSt sources product data for you, and automatically switches to the product data in your POS once all the required fields are there!

Product Data Sources

Add weight to your products

If you supply your own product data, you can now also specify the unit of measurement used for the price, and even the base unit this should be displayed in. This is a great way to give consumers more information, and a way for them to compare variations of the products you sell.

Great for things like fresh food, fabric and carpeting, timber, alcohol, perfume and much more. This also really helps zero-waste grocery stores that sell products by weight show their inventory online.

Unit Pricing Measure

Presenting the Product Locator

We launched our new website widget, which you can embed in your online product pages to show shoppers which store locations near them currently have the selected product in stock.

It's very easy to install, and a simple way to create an online-to-offline shopper journey from your existing e-commerce website.

Product Locator Widget


That's a wrap on our winter product update. We’re hoping these updates help you to improve your online visibility, and have already started on a whole lot more.

We can't wait to hear how you're using these new features, so please don't hesitate to reach out and share your success stories with us. Have a great holiday shopping season!

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