New: Filter your MyShop insights by date

If you run a high street shop, then you know how customer demand can change throughout the year: from products which are only popular during the summer months to the usual Christmas customer surge.

While most of this knowledge is developed from years of retail experience and sales data, seeing what people are searching for nearby can help support this too.

NearSt’s MyShop Insights contain online search data specific to your shop, showing you things like which of your products are most popular with your local customers and how many people have searched for your products nearby.

To get the most out of this data, we’ve released a new feature which allows you to filter your MyShop insights by date. This will give you invaluable insight into product demand trends over the year and help inform what you stock.

A deeper look at your insights

With our new date filter tool in MyShop, you can now see all of your insights across any given date range. For example:

  • Discover which products are popular during the summer months
  • See what products were being searched for the most last Christmas
  • See how many people viewed your ‘See What’s in Store’ in April
  • Search back to the first day you joined NearSt
  • Compare month-on-month changes to your NearSt results

Where to find the feature

You can find this new feature in the ‘Insights’ page of your MyShop.

Log in to your MyShop to see it in action!

Need any help finding this feature? This support article will help you.

If you want any help getting more out of your insights, ring 020 3322 2435 or email

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