How NearSt is helping brick-and-mortar retailers reach a new customer base on Facebook

Social media platforms are playing an increasingly important role in shopping journeys, with 15% of Facebook users now saying they use the platform to look and shop for products.

To help brick-and-mortar retailers get in front of a new audience of shoppers, NearSt is working with Facebook and its shop function to enable stores to display all of their in-stock products on their Facebook business page in just one click

We spoke to the teams at Tonwood Home Hardware and Book & Card Centre to see how connecting to Facebook Shops with NearSt has helped their businesses. 

‘78% of consumers have discovered retail products to buy via Facebook’ 

Having already used NearSt technology to connect their products to Google, Tonwood Home Hardware and Book & Card Centre knew that showing their products places online can drive more footfall to their shops. With 78% of consumers now finding products on Facebook, both retailers were missing out on this growing audience of shoppers on social media. Their teams needed a way to display their inventory on their existing Facebook page to allow customers to browse their products before coming in store.

The Solution

“It has been difficult to gain an online presence but with NearSt combining our Point of Sale and providing live stock information on Facebook has really helped to keep people informed. It also means that wherever people see us, our stock information is accurate”

Tom, Book & Card Centre

As soon as they connected to Facebook Shops, Tonwood Home Hardware and Book & Card Centre’s full product catalogue instantly appeared on their Facebook page, giving shoppers a way to see what they have in stock. As NearSt is connected to their Point-of-Sale system, their stock information is kept up to date automatically with no additional effort for the retailers. 

The Results

Since connecting to Facebook Shops, both businesses have been receiving messages from customers who have seen their products on Facebook. They can also share product information more easily through Facebook Messenger.

“The communication between us and our customers has been fantastic with Facebook Shops. We can now share our products on Messenger, keeping our customers informed and responding to any enquiries both in and out of hours.”

Steve, Tonwood Home Hardware

“From the start, it has been easy to use and navigate. After gaining more presence on Facebook from the pandemic, it has been great to keep customers engaged with our products on both Facebook and Google”

 Tom, Book & Card Centre

By giving shoppers a way to browse their inventory on Facebook, retailers like Tonwood Home Hardware and Book & Card Centre are reaching a new customer base as well as keeping their followers informed with the accurate stock information that NearSt provides. 


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