How NearSt has helped a small business compete with a neighbouring large chain shop

Underwood Hardware & DIY is a family run hardware store situated in the heart of Felixstowe. Having been in business for 75 years, the shop has served the local community, bearing witness to the changes over the decades, such as a well-known DIY chain business opening up just around the corner.  

The Challenge

"Not everyone knew about us before as there’s a popular chain around the corner...People didn’t realise that we’re actually a lot cheaper."
- Jonathon, Underwood Hardware

As customers don’t know that Underwood stocks a vast array of products, they often go to a familiar chain store just around the corner to find what they’re looking for. Moreover, shoppers often presume that due to being independent, Jonathan’s products would be more expensive. 

The Solution

“It wasn’t until October that we had a fully barcoded till system. RBA contacted us regarding NearSt. By this point our till system was up and running so it was a perfect time to try out NearSt”
Jonathon, Underwood Hardware

Once Jonathon and his team signed up to NearSt, Underwood’s products would  show up to local people searching in Google.  Now people are able to browse their full inventory online, shoppers can see Underwood stocks what they want at a competitive price! 

The Results

“NearSt has been great for broadening our reach. Now people have been finding our products in Google, they have realised that we’re affordable and we’ve seen more customers coming in because of it”
Jonathon, Underwood Hardware

Not only has NearSt helped Underwood reach more local shoppers, Jonathon and his team have also seen customers who have travelled up to 10-15 miles to get some of the more unique products that Underwood sells! 

In just 4 weeks, Underwood Hardware & DIY has had over 22,000 views of their products in Google, bringing in an estimated 63 customers.

Interested in how NearSt could help you connect your products to customers for no extra work? Drop us a note on or give us a ring on 0333 050 9658.

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