How a Home Hardware store has doubled turnover by showing their products online with no extra effort using NearSt

Tonwood Home Hardware is a large independent hardware store, supplying the community of Holbeach since 1953. Locals in the area visit Tonwood for their amazing selection of DIY products. Their immense product range offers the choice of over 15,000 items, from basic supplies to white goods.

The Challenge

The cost and maintenance of an e-commerce website was proving too difficult, with the immense stock we have in the shop, around fifteen thousand products.” - Matt, Tonwood Home Hardware

With such a vast selection of products, keeping online stock levels up to date was challenging for Tonwood Home Hardware and like for many retailers, maintaining an e-commerce website proved difficult and costly. 

The Solution

From initially signing up to NearSt, we immediately saw the benefits. Previously, it was rare that people saw things on the website and then came into the store. NearSt has transformed the way our customers can shop with us, and has instantly enabled them to view our products 24 hours a day” - Tonwood Home Hardware

As soon as they connected to NearSt, Tonwood Home Hardware’s full product catalogue instantly appeared on their Facebook page and Google, in front of shoppers looking for products they have in stock. As NearSt is connected to their Point-of-Sale system, their stock information is kept up to date automatically with no additional effort for Matt or the team. 

The Results

We have customers seeing things in stock online, and coming in to source that product. NearSt literally pays for itself..We’ve doubled our turnover for the first time in five years, and I am absolutely certain that NearSt has helped with that” - Matt Tonks, manager at Tonwood Home Hardware. 

Tonwood’s customers can now confirm that what they’re looking for is in stock at Tonwood Home Hardware, and will often ask the staff where to find the product after seeing it on Facebook or Google and coming into the shop.

“The communication between us and our customers has been fantastic with Facebook Shops. We can now share our products on Messenger, keeping our customers informed and responding to any enquiries both in and out of hours.” - Steve, Tonwood Home Hardware

The connection to Facebook Shops means that the team at Tonwood Home Hardware are now receiving more messages from customers about products they’ve seen, and can easily share product information through Facebook Messenger. 


Check out Tonwood’s Facebook Shop and Google See What’s in Store here!


If you’d like to see how NearSt could help you connect your products to Facebook Shops and Google with no extra work, register your interest here or give us a ring on 0333 050 9658.


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