How Londis Bexley Park used NearSt to increase in-store footfall

Situated in a bustling estate in Bexleyheath, Londis Bexley Park is part of a vast community of shops with “a mix of things that draw a lot of people into the area”. Owner Nishi Patel prides himself on catering for the needs of the local community, with over 5000 different products available to purchase.

However, with the retail market growing increasingly competitive, especially with the shift towards e-commerce, Nishi knew that he had to find a way to drive customers back  in-store and into the local area. 

The Challenge

“We have been looking at Google for a long time but didn’t really know how to enhance our business on it. We already get footfall and good traffic through Google but when NearSt came up, it was just a no-brainer to do.” - Nishi, Londis Bexley Park

Having been in the world of retail for over 40 years, Nishi has actively sought to drive extra footfall into the local community. Using a combination of “Facebook marketing and banners” outside the shop, Nishi sought to try to improve his Google presence. 

Knowing that over 90% of global shoppers who visited a shop in the last week using an online search prior to going in-store, enhancing his Google presence seemed like a “no-brainer”.  However, online marketing proved to be expensive, tedious and time-consuming and Nishi knew he need to find a way to drive in-store traffic without compromising. 

The Solution

"Do you know what, I like everything about NearSt: the fact that it’s off my hands, you guys are really helpful, the fact that you have live updates of my product files - it’s just mind-blowing how crazy that is.” - Nishi, Londis Bexley Park

After a recommendation from Londis, NearSt were able to connect with Londis Bexley Park’s in just a few clicks, Nishi had his entire in-stock catalogue displaying across Google Surfaces with no extra effort to himself or the team.

As well as his See What’s In Store, NearSt also set up Local Inventory Ads for Nishi to not only learn more in-depth data on consumer trends in his local area and but also to really target the customers searching within the community to drive them in-store.

The Results

“The footfall we had through NearSt was brilliant.” - Nishi, Londis Bexley Park

Over the course of four-weeks, Nishi’s products were viewed over 46,000 times on Google with over 60 estimated customers coming in thanks to NearSt! With daily updates highlighting live search terms, recently clicked products and Clicks to Sales, Nishi has benefited from understanding which products are driving in-store traffic as well as what products are selling within the convenience space across the UK.

Nishi has been able to see first-hand how using innovative online technology can drive in-store footfall to local retail and is delighted to be a part of the NearSt community of stores driving customers back into the high street.

If you’d like to see how NearSt could help you connect your products to customers for no extra work, register your interest here, drop us a note on or give us a ring on 020 3870 3617. 

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