How Lyle & Scott used NearSt to market their in-stock products in Google

Lyle & Scott is an iconic clothing brand that began its journey specialising in Golfing knitwear, in 1874. Jumping forward nearly 150 years, the five UK branches are still thriving. Meanwhile, the influence technology has had on shopping behaviour has continued to evolve.

The Challenge 

Paul Thompson, Lyle & Scott’s UK Retail manager, was conscious of how shoppers often turn to online solutions  for what they’re looking to buy, and was seeking a way to highlight the products that his stores had on offer. In the past two years, “near me” searches have increased by over 500%, with a specific emphasis “on finding a specific thing, in a specific area, and in a specific period of time”.

“With the nature of physical shopping changing and footfall decreasing, I wanted people to come into the stores. NearSt was able to provide the added view of what we have in-stock, targeting those looking online”.

Paul Thompson, Retail Manager

The Solution

After world leading commerce platform Sitoo made Paul aware of NearSt’s mission of using an online interface to encourage shoppers into local high streets, he was keen to give it a go. Within a matter of days, NearSt was able to seamlessly integrate with Lyle & Scott's inventory and show their in-stock products across Google in just a few clicks.

Wanting to really explore the marketing opportunities NearSt can promote, Paul and the team tried Local Inventory Ads. With the ads, Lyle & Scott's products appeared at the top of Google across a month-long period, fulfilling the intention of targeting local shoppers and getting them to shop in-store.

The Results

After becoming familiar with the product and exploring the potential of Local Inventory Ads, Lyle & Scott are continuing to thrive with both its in-store popularity as well as online visibility with NearSt and Google See What’s in Store. 

Thanks to NearSt's marketing insights, Paul was able to build a deeper understanding into the customer journey of someone searching for a product Lyle & Scott stocks. Not only was Paul able to see daily insights on locations people were searching in, NearSt's technology also allowed Paul to see the exact search terms shoppers were using to trigger his products to appear. 

Indeed some searches were brand specific such as “Lyle & Scott jumper”, however, there were also some searches as  broad as “gilet” & “polo shirt”. This shows how NearSt’s advanced technology was able to target shoppers looking online, to direct them into Lyle & Scott’s physical shop. 

Using the Clicks To Sales insights, NearSt was able to show Lyle & Scott which ads were translating into sales. Not only do Lyle & Scott’s products get tens of thousands of impressions monthly, but the integration with NearSt has provided them with the visibility that Paul was aiming for. 

You can check out all the Lyle & Scott’s See What’s in Stores below:

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