How Grosvenor helped their stores increase in-store sales by £165,000

NearSt and Grosvenor have just released a world-first study showing how showcasing retailer's inventory to local shoppers in Google helped to attract more customers and drive in-store sales to London's luxury retailers.

The study aimed to attract more shoppers to some of London’s best-known shopping streets using Google Local Inventory Ads. Real-time in-store inventory from shops including Creed, Stephen Webster, Pringle of Scotland and VICKISARGE in Mayfair & Belgravia was promoted to shoppers searching nearby on Google. 

The study targeted an audience who might otherwise have shopped online to visit shops in iconic retail destinations Elizabeth Street and Mount Street, and in doing so boost sales at a challenging time for the high street.

Shoppers saw what was in stock on Google. 

The headline results of the study demonstrated: 

  • 36% of shoppers visiting the targeted streets came after seeing one of the Local Inventory Ads in Google
  • An estimated 815 shoppers were driven to the targeted streets, spending an estimated £165,000
  • The campaign attracted a broader local audience who previously wouldn’t have shopped in Mayfair & Belgravia

The study comes amid a surge in shoppers seeking out local product availability online. Google reported that in 2020 searches for “who has __ in stock” were up 8,000%. During December in NearSt’s data saw a 700% rise in shoppers checking local product availability via our platform.

The results prove that by giving shoppers a simple, frictionless way to shop locally via the online channels they already use you can drive significantly more footfall and sales. 

“Customers would report that they've come to our store after finding our products on Google!” -  Paige, Pepa & Co.

Click here to access the free full case study and: 

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  • See the results and deep dive into exclusive consumer insights
  • Learn how every retailer can access this game-changing technology


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