How to make the most out of MyShop

Whether you have been using NearSt for years, or you are in the initial stages of getting set up with us, your MyShop account helps you get the most out of everything that NearSt has to offer! 

What is MyShop?

MyShop is a simple and easy to navigate internal portal where you can track how your shop is performing in Google,  view local and industry insights, monitor your inventory, personalise your NearSt shop page and much more! 

There are a number of tools and features available in your MyShop account that can help optimise your experience with NearSt and help drive more in-store customers.

These features and tools include: 


If you have See What’s in Store enabled, MyShop displays how frequently your shop page is visited, total views in Google as well as your store’s best selling items. 

For shops using Local Inventory Ads as well as See What’s in Store, you’re also able to view the amount of times your products have been viewed and clicked on as well as an estimated footfall based on these numbers. You can also view the specific locations of where your ads are appearing, as well as nationwide popular products across your industry.

Setting up your Shop Page 

When customers view your Google See What’s in Store, they are able to visit your shop page. Personalising this page by adding an attractive banner and profile icon makes it more appealing for customers to want to visit your store. You can also enable the product reservation feature from MyShop, meaning customers can put items on hold from your shop to come and buy.

Sharing Tools

The Account tab in MyShop offers a number of useful tools to help promote your business across other platforms. Here, you can find social media backgrounds, a printable window poster, as well as a direct link to your See What's in Store. These tools can be used to highlight your live inventory across multiple platforms and spread awareness of your shop.

If you’d like to see how NearSt could help you connect your products to customers for no extra work, drop us a note on or give us a ring on 0333 050 9658.


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