What you didn't know about Local Inventory Ads vs Google Shopping Ads

NearSt makes it easy for retailers to quickly get up and running with Google Local Inventory Ads. Once you’re up and running on NearSt, you simply select a daily budget and we’ll manage all the complexity of running your ads and optimising your budget and reach automatically in the background. 

If you need more control and higher budgets, we’ll work with your marketing agency to run custom campaigns.

A question we often get is whether Local Inventory Ads are just another version of Shopping Ads. The short answer? No. Let’s look at the difference between these two ad types and how Local Inventory Ads can be very impactful for your physical stores if applied correctly.

Not just another shopping ad

Local Inventory Ads show up at the top of Google, just like a normal Shopping Ad, whenever a consumer searches for a product. What makes them special, however, is that they’re contextual: they’ll only show up if the consumer is physically near a shop that has the product they’re looking for in stock right now. 

On average, LIA reports 20% higher
click-through rate than an online Shopping ad

Source: Google research, 2021

That allows the consumer to forgo the expensive shipping costs and waiting for your product to be delivered tomorrow or the day after. Instead, you can go into a shop nearby and get the product right now!

Powered by real time inventory data

Local Inventory Ads aren’t just related to your location, but also to the shop’s stock, which NearSt syncs with the shop’s point of sale system in real time using our NearLIVE technology. That way, you can always be certain that a Local Inventory Ad served by NearSt advertises a product that is actually available in the store right now.

That’s why NearSt is one of just a handful of worldwide trusted Google Local Feeds partners that provide Google with the highest quality real time local inventory data.


NearSt connects directly to your in-store POS

Increased performance

Due to the contextual nature of these Local Inventory Ads, they’re shown to the people most likely to buy your products. A shopper seeing your ads will always be looking for a specific product you sell, and will be close to your shop.

The contextual relevance also means that these ads are usually cheaper to run than e-commerce related Google Shopping Ads. NearSt shops are able to appear before ads from online giants like Amazon, even with a very small budget.

Getting set up

You can run Local Inventory Ads on your own, or use a one-click solution like NearSt to get started immediately. 

No need to have a website, although if you already have one or are already running Google Shopping Ads, Local Inventory Ads are a great addition to target both people near your physical store and people further away looking to buy online.

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