How an Esso forecourt is using NearSt to drive awareness within the local community

Hylands Service Station is a family-run business in the heart of Great Bookham, Surrey. Offering convenience items at exceptionally good prices to their customers, owner Danyal Shoaib and his team work to provide locals with their brilliant service 24 hours a day. 

The Challenge

Whilst their Google reviews don’t hold back on how friendly, accommodating and generally brilliant the staff are, Danyal and his team were looking for an opportunity to promote their vast in-stock items across Google platforms to drive more in-store shoppers. 

“We were looking to build awareness within the local community of just how vast our array of stock is.”

- Danyal, Owner

From soda streams and window vacuums to everyday essentials and big brands, Hylands Service Station has it all. The fundamental challenge was that customers were unlikely to know this unless they had been inside. Danyal and his team needed a method to highlight their exceptional range to nearby shoppers with minimal setup and that didn’t require much maintenance from them. 

The Solution

MADIC's evoBackOffice system provides world-class EPOS and back-office support for all convenience and fuel retailers. Once their team informed Danyal of the powers of NearSt and the mission of getting people back into high street stores, they were excited to get started.

Through the click of a button, Hyland's Service Station had all of their live, in-stock products showing across Google surfaces. Danyal also experimented with Local Inventory Ads to encourage more in-store shopping based entirely on what nearby customers were searching for.

Products used

The Results

Within the first week of using Local Inventory Ads with NearSt, Danyal was able to see which of his products were most popular, the search terms of the majority of his customers were using, as well as his clicks, impressions and cost-per-click. 

Recently, after 4 weeks of using Local Ads, Danyal had over 41,500 impressions and over 300 clicks highlighting his increasing popularity!

This also reiterated the value of Hylands being a 24-hour store:

"It really showed how being a 24 hour store is essential. For example, if someone is looking for something late at night, not only do they see that it is in-stock, but it has the ability to de-stress and reassure the customer that they can get what they urgently need from us."

- Danyal, owner

Danyal was also keen to iterate that using the product for a longer period of time is what makes it so valuable and he has shared this with friends of his in the convenience sector.

Hylands has also recently launched an all-new zero-waste section at his store, creating an even more diverse range of products on offer! Although his journey with NearSt has only recently begun, we are so excited to see what's next!

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