How a music shop in Melton is using NearSt to increase brand awareness in their local area

Situated in Melton, Icon Music is the go-to place for all things music: selling everything from instruments and gifts to merchandise and printed music. Icon's owner, Tom, is always on hand to provide a friendly service for his customers, offering both product advice and a rehearsal room where tuition is available. There is also an instrument repair service available on site.

The Challenge

We’re trying to increase local brand awareness and coax more local customers in as well as share the range of products that we keep in stock.”

Tom Griggs, Owner

Icon Music’s website is abundant with testimonials from customers who have had a wonderful in-store experience. Whilst Tom’s website shows a full range of products available to purchase online, he was looking for a way to increase local awareness and drive customers in-store to experience their full offering. 

The Solution

"We became aware of and had mostly set up the free ads within Google, then handed over to NearSt to connect our products to Google and set up everything else on our behalf"

Tom Griggs

NearSt contacted Tom directly, to discuss the possibility of showing his live in-store inventory in Google from his Seanic EPOS. Tom signed up and with a couple clicks, Tom’s inventory was being shown to local customers searching in Google. Customers can see whether the products they are looking for are in stock, prior to visiting the store.

The Results

With Tom’s mission of increasing local awareness in mind, he has also recently enabled Local Inventory Ads with NearSt to drive more footfall. Tom can  see the types of products people are searching for and, clicking on in Google, as well as the reach that their Local ads have, and where they’re most popular. 

With the aim of reaching a new, local customer base, Tom’s ads are certainly appearing in all the right places and the coming months will be an exciting time as NearSt helps to expose the magic of music to Melton!

If you’d like to see how NearSt could help you connect your products to customers for no extra work, drop us a note on or give us a ring on 020 3322 2435.

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