How a local gift shop in Tutbury used NearSt to increase local demand without any additional work

When The Tutbury Present Company opened its doors 35 years ago, it was mostly a card shop as well as a home to unique dolls and their collectable furniture. For the past 13 years, under its current ownership, Nicky and Claire have evolved the shop to become a wonderful present shop that offers cards, candles and gifts that suit every occasion. 

The Challenge

Whilst The Tutbury Present Company are active on their website and Facebook page, maintaining these sites as well as the shop is a very hands on job. Nicky and Claire were looking for an opportunity to boost visibility within their local area without the constant strain of maintaining the service across multiple platforms. 

The Solution

“It was too good a deal to not try it out! The integration was immediately clean and official. The use of official stock images as well is impressive and informative for our customers, making it all the more exciting”

- Claire, The Tutbury Present Company

NearSt connected to the shop’s Cybertill POS system and automatically started displaying their in-stock products on Google. The image, description and title of their products were immediately available online for shoppers in the local area. Better yet, the integration with their Cybertill system meant that their stock is kept up to date, with no additional maintenance from Nicky and Claire.  

The Results

“The concept of NearSt is so exciting, it’s like having Google on your doorstep! I love that it hones in on specific local areas where shops like ours are found and brought to the surface!”

- Claire, The Tutbury Present Company

As soon as The Tutbury Present Company signed up with NearSt, they began to see an increase in customers coming into their store. Without any extra effort from the shop, customers would discover their products in Google and come into the shop to purchase them. There were even customers who were very local but unaware that the shop existed until they saw just how close they were in Google.

If you’d like to see how NearSt could help you connect your products to customers for no extra work, drop us a note on  or give us a ring on 0333 050 9658

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