Hashmees Convenience records ‘crazy’ footfall for KSI and Logan Paul sports drink Prime, using NearSt Local Ads technology

Hashmees Convenience Store is a local convenience store, specialising in American confectionery, displaying over 12,000 products online. Based in suburbia just outside of London and proudly serving the customers of Sutton since 1976, Hashmees proves to be more than the average convenience store. 

Jumping forward nearly 46 years, the store is run by charismatic owner Asad, who is pushing the convenience store to online success. With a thriving social media presence, e-commerce, home delivery, Hashmees has now starting showing their inventory online through See What’s in Store, powered by NearSt. The changing nature of marketing has changed shopper behaviour and continues to evolve and play a key role in Hashmees success.

The Challenge:

Asad, owner of Hashmees was keen to enhance the current social media platforms and find a way to highlight the products that were available and actually in stock.

“We have the Prime drink, [by Logan Paul & KSI] that’s currently going viral on TikTok… in stock and we have been getting more than 100 calls a day regarding this drink. The whole of the UK has gone crazy for it and [we’ve] had people travel from all over the country to come and get it”.

Asad, Owner of Hashmees

The Solution:

After hearing about NearSt from POS provider, ITS, owner Asad was keen to get Hashmees Convenience Store onboard. Within a matter of days, NearSt was able to seamlessly integrate with Hashmees Convenience Store's inventory and show their in-stock products across Google in just a few clicks. Wanting to really explore the location-based advertising that NearSt could promote, Asad and the team tried Local Inventory Ads. 

The Results:

With the Local Inventory Ads, Hashmees products appeared at the top of Google. Across a month-long period, they achieved exceptional results. They received over 1.2 million impressions and 8600 clicks, fulfilling the intention of targeting local shoppers. 900 customers came through the doors, in July alone, to source products seen on Google. 

After becoming familiar with the product and exploring the potential of Local Inventory Ads, Hashmees are keen to continue to thrive with both their in-store popularity as well as online visibility with NearSt and Google See What’s in Store. They are also in the process of getting onboard for Facebook Shops, powered by NearSt, to show their inventory on the popular social media site. 

Thanks to NearSt's in-depth insights, Asad was able to monitor the top products in the convenience sector, consistently ensuring that he stocked the most in-demand and popular products. Not only was Asad able to see daily insights on locations people were searching in, NearSt's technology also allowed Asad to see the exact search terms shoppers were using to trigger his products to appear. 

Utilising the support of NearSt’s specialised Customer Success team, Asad has catch-ups focused on optimising his ad budgets and ensure that the ads are focussing on driving down their cost-per-click rate and increasing the click-through rate. 

You can check out all the products, including the viral Prime drink, by Logan Paul and KSI, on Hashmees Convenience Store’s See What’s in Store

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