How a Health Shop in Exmouth got their entire product catalogue online in one click!

For four weeks we ran Local Inventory Ads for Mother Earth in Exmouth, actively promoting their products in Google.

Recommended through supplier CLF, Lorraine joined NearSt because she did not have to invest any time or effort into getting set up.

By connecting her POS to NearSt, Lorraine was able to show her full product range, available to purchase in-store, in Google local searches.

In 4 weeks, NearSt was able to get Mother Earth’s products in front of 97,956 people online. These views led to a total of 350 interactions in Google with their products, including getting directions to or calling the shop. NearSt and Google’s combined data shows that our integration brought an estimated 46 extra people into the shop.

What the team had to say

NearSt is a really easy way for your shop to get found online, especially when people are looking for particular products (which happens a lot since our range is quite speciality based). All of the work was done for me and I didn’t have to invest any time into it.
- Lorraine, Owner

By connecting her point of sale system to NearSt, Lorraine was able to show her full product range in Google searches to anyone in the area who may be looking for something but was unaware it was available to purchase just minutes away.

What’s Next

If you are interested in joining, you can sign up directly by visiting or by calling 020 3322 2435.

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