New: Discover where your customers are coming from

One of the first steps in improving your footfall is knowing more about your existing customer behaviour. NearSt already provides insight into what people are searching for. Today we’re launching a new feature to also show you what locations customers are searching from.

Seeing which local areas shoppers are searching for your products is a step closer to understanding your customer base and discovering where your products are most popular!

Insights that are unique to your shop

NearSt’s new Popular Locations insights shows you exactly where customers are when they click on your products. 

What are the benefits of seeing popular locations?

The Popular Locations feature can give you real-time insight into your customers and products. For example, you can:

  • See where your customers are actively searching for what you stock
  • Tailor your inventory based on the types of people visiting your shop
  • Target your marketing towards areas you’re already successful in

Where can I find this feature?

This new feature is live now and can be found in the Local Inventory Ads Results section of the Insights tab in your MyShop dashboard! 

Click to see yours here!

What’s next?

This feature is a first step at helping retailers get more footfall by using location insights. If you have any feedback, do let us know, we would love to hear how we can continue supporting our retailers

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